Community fridge

Posted by Sainsbury's on 21 August 2016


Food has always brought people together, whether at a dinner party or barbecue, or simply families sharing breakfast around the kitchen table.

And that’s exactly what the Community Fridge aims to do, encouraging local businesses to share surplus food items.

Initially launched to targeted members of the public, the Community Fridge opened to all Swadlincote residents in September. Unwanted items, from apples to milk, can be donated by businesses to be collected by local people, helping to redistribute leftovers and create a real sharing community.

It may be extended in future so households can share unused items via the fridge.

A report by Sainsbury’s found 51 per cent of us fail to welcome new neighbours, while 56 per cent wish their area had a stronger community spirit.

A quarter of respondents would accept food from a neighbour to save money, with 20 per cent saying they would accept it because it helps cut down on food waste.

It is hoped the Community Fridge, which has been supplied by Bosch, will become a hub for reducing food waste and also a place for people to socialise and share tips and recipes.

The site also has a herb garden which locals can scour and take what they need to accompany their dishes.

Paul Crewe, Head of Sustainability for Sainsbury’s, says: “While the aim of the trial is to reduce food waste, we also hope it brings people together and reignites a bit of our traditional British community spirit.”