Bosch smart fridges

Posted by Sainsbury's on 23 September 2016


Is your fridge smartphone savvy? A new generation of fridges are currently being trialled in Swadlincote to test whether they could actually help households reduce food waste.

Bosch Home Connect smart fridges are equipped with cameras that send ‘selfies’ to your smartphone, so you can see exactly what you already have in when you go shopping.

The Home Connect app also allows users to alter the temperature of their fridges remotely, to help keep food fresher for longer. And if you do accidentally leave the fridge door open, it will alert you to that too - saving all that food from spoiling.

Half of those selected to try out the fridges were also given food waste diaries. After six months the families will complete a follow-up survey to see how the fridge has changed the amount of food they throw away, and to compare how those with diaries fared as opposed to those who didn’t.

The 20 families given a fridge to try have already given positive feedback, with many finding it has reduced the amount of food they throw away.

Many reported that the VitaFresh technology, which automatically maintains the perfect balance of temperature, humidity and air circulation, has helped keep fruit and veg fresher for longer - so it’s less likely to end up in the bin.

Tester Debby Yates, 48, said: “I always try to plan meals for the week ahead but things can change last minute and so we don’t always get around to using everything. 

“As such it is difficult to remember what’s in the fridge, so be able to remind yourself while you’re out and about – even at the shops – is really helpful. The fridge itself is great too, I’ve already noticed that vegetables are keeping longer.”

Others have highlighted surprising benefits. For example, those shopping as carers are able to see the contents of someone else’s fridge remotely. And not having to open and close the fridge means parents can scribble their shopping lists using their phones without waking the baby.

We’ll be following the families on their journey and reporting back on how these high-tech fridges could help in the fight against food waste.