What works and what doesn't

Waste less, Save more pioneer town Swadlincote and other UK regions have been busy testing and trialling some exciting new initiatives since January, all in the name of cutting down on food waste. 

Throughout the campaign, we will be carefully tracking the results and success achieved through various projects and initiatives. These include Bosch Smart Fridges, which send “selfies” to shoppers’ smartphones so they always know what they already have and don’t double up on products - an everyday mistake that can so often lead to food being uneaten and wasted. The Food Saver Champions, who will be visiting homes in the Swadlincote area and appearing at the local farmers’ market to share tips, recipes and cooking demos, will be helping to monitor the success of this and other tools such as the Olio food-sharing app and bin stickers spreading the Waste less, Save more message.

Check out our trials and see what’s working and what’s not here


12 ongoing projects
  • Helped reduce food waste

  • In progress

  • Did not reduce food waste